"Makes Stress Go Away and
Puts Music In Your Life!"



   “I would just like you to know how much you and your piano course enriched my life.  I play at local nursing and retirement homes, and friend’s homes.  Where I get the most pleasure is playing for entertainment and relaxation.  I am a physician who needs the calming and relaxing effect of playing the piano after a long and stressful day.  Thank you for teaching me to play.

Dr. Hugh Johnson, Georgia


Too much stress? Too many demands on your timeBig responsibilities?   If so, we have a solution for you.  Create a space in your day for fun and relaxation with the piano!

New research has shown that you can dramatically change the quality of your life by playing music – especially on the piano. 

It does something magical to your mind, your body, your core being - - something you can never get from a smart phone or new high tech gadgetry.

Sit down at your piano.  Stress evaporates. Troubles of the day go away.  You feel lighter, more joyous… you feel young again!

What’s more it has a lasting effect through your days.  Students find that their mood, outlook and performance improves.

But you must choose the right program.  Choosing the wrong one can just give you more anxiety.

In 2015 we’re providing a small group of people with a premium, fully coached mentoring program for popular piano that you do at your convenience in the comfort of your home!

It’s a 12 month, chord based program that will teach you to play phenomenal popular piano in the shortest possible time. 

You’ll be surprised how soon you can be playing Swing, Country, Sing-along, Blues,  Gospel, Rock n’ Roll and more – music so good you’ll amaze your family and friends!

So why choose to play popular piano by chord instead of learning the old, traditional method? 

Well for starters, it’s way easier, more fun and sounds fantastic.  You progress fast and it allows you to play a wide variety of music.  You’ll be able to play from sheet music and  books found in any music store - - only we make it way easier !

What's more, you'll learn the secrets of playing by ear.

You'll get a style of playing that you’ll actually use – for a lifetime. 

As children, millions of people took piano lessons but as adults, very few can sit down and play. 

The traditional approach may have been right for the one out of a hundred who aspired to be a concert pianist.  But for the 99% of us who would love to play familiar tunes, it just doesn’t work.  It’s too technical and too difficult.

Our students play!  Like Dr. Johnson, they play for themselves and for others.  They accompany themselves and others singing.  They play at church and other functions.  Some even jam with friends.

This premium program is starting February, 2015.   Tuition is about half of what you might pay for traditional lessons and you can try it for 60 days at our risk.

We’re only accepting a very limited number of students for this.  It’s not being offered to the general public, only people who we believe will make the most of the this mentoring program.

We expect it to sell out quickly.  I encourage you to enroll as soon as you can - - today if at all possible.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at rodrussell@direct.ca